Advanced trading tools

Make informed decisions

The iFOREX Pro Package

iFOREX provides traders with a selection of decision-assisting trading tools.

  • Advanced 1-on-1 training

    Trading Signals

    Trading Signals alert you of price changes and market trends. They allow you to stay up to date with changes and take advantage of opportunities as they occur.

  • Free trading signals

    Live charts

    Charts allow traders to identify market opportunities, plan their strategies and manage risks. Follow current market rates and make informed trading decisions.

  • Tight spreads

    Economic Calendar

    Our regularly updated Economic Calendar covers major announcements and meetings. Sort the events according to importance, region or date and stay prepared.

  • Education articles


    Our technical indicators (provided by a leading third party) can be placed directly on the charts. Take your pick from dozens of choices and gain additional insight.

  • Education articles

    Trading sentiment

    Want to know what other traders are thinking about a specific instrument? The Trading Sentiment tool will provide you with the relevant answer in one click.

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