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Take advantage of share trading in the form of CFDs


iFOREX lets you trade some of the world’s most popular shares, like Apple, Intel, and countless more with convenience. You can using leverage which allows you to boost your investment by up to 20 times. You can use it to diversify your portfolio and invest long-term at a minimal cost.

iFOREX has incorporated advanced technology together with a sleek interface to give traders the ability to benefit from the fast moving stock market. Trade via a variety of platforms with advanced trading tools that give you the ability to spot market opportunities in real-time on popular shares such as Apple, Google and Microsoft plus many more.

Live Share Price

Please see some of the most popular shares at iFOREX below:

Rates are according to the sell price of the share
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CFD Trading of Shares

You can trade in many well-known shares without trading in the assets physically. You can do so when you get them as CFDs (contracts for difference). Gain access to tradeable shares from many trade exchanges worldwide, regardless of where you are. You can be anywhere and without the need to own them to trade in them. These shares belong to some of the most prominent and profitable companies in various industries like high-tech, energy, communications, and more. Diversify your portfolio against localized economy changes with shared from around the world. You can buy or sell these shares in fractions, lowering the cost of trading in them, with unmatched execution speed in an environment safer than an exchange.

By trading in share CFDs, you can boost your trading power using leverage. It lets you multiply the possible gains by 20:1 ratio (margin : deal size). However, this also increases the risk just the same as it can also increase losses. To mitigate the risk, it's worth using tools like take profit & stop loss to gauge the level of risk you're comfortable with trading in.

Features of online share trading

  • You can invest in share price of leading brands with leverage.
  • You can diversify your portfolio with CFDs from multiple markets.
  • You can take advantage of price movements in any direction - up or down.
  • You can use take profit & stop loss features to minimize risk, even with leverage.


Shares are great instruments to trade in because they have high volatility which can lead to high gains. However, the high levels of risk means that your trading portfolio should include instruments that are less risky. This balance will better bolster your relatively volatile investments.

Furthermore, you can find the shares that you want to invest in by checking the iFOREX economic calendar and other sources to stay up to speed with events that can positively or negatively affect a specific share, and a specific instrument in general. Also, having a long-term plan, and being certain of how much loss you're willing to endure, and how much gains you will be specified with, can help you use the take loss & take profit tools to limit shares accordingly, and minimize risks.

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