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Trump blinks on CARES Act 2.0, hikes offer above $1.8T

calendar 16/10/2020 - 11:43 UTC

On early Thursday, in an interview, when asked whether he is considering the CARES Act 2.0 offer above $1.8T, Trump said:

I would. I would say more. I would go higher. Go big or go home, I said it yesterday--- Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to give anything. She thinks it helps her with the election---And I don’t think so. I think it hurts her with the election because everyone knows she’s holding it up. We’re not holding it up. She’s holding it up--- She's got a lot of problems--She got a lot of mental problems. And it's going to be very hard to do anything with her. She wants to wait till after the election. I told Mnuchin I am willing to go higher than $1.8 trillion, but he hasn't come home with the bacon--- the money is coming back anyway. This wasn't caused by our workers, this was caused by China.

Trump was also asked if he is so much keen to have the CARES Act 2.0 for above $1.8T against Pelosi’s $2.2T, why he is not approaching Pelosi directly, and make a deal to provide some reliefs to vulnerable Americans, Trump said he is sending Mnuchin for talks.

Trump also tweeted Thursday: Nancy Pelosi couldn’t care less about the American People or the great American Worker. She should approve needed STIMULUS now. Most other Dems agree. Republicans are ready to go, I am ready to sign!!!

Trump has also instructed Mnuchin to keep negotiations until there is a consensus. But Trump’s colleague and the Senate Majority leader McConnell is dead against any CARES Act 2.0 above $1.6T. On Thursday McConnell even said it would be a $500B targeted bill, featuring mainly, SBA/PPP and PUA extension ($300/week and $100/week by states).

On Tuesday, McConnell said the Senate will vote on a targeted coronavirus relief bill next week, including another round of funding for a key small-business rescue program, money for schools, liability protections for businesses and boosted unemployment benefits: When the full Senate returns on Oct. 19, our first order of business will be voting again on targeted relief for American workers, including new funding for the PPP.

On her part, Pelosi tweeted: McConnell’s lack of interest in coming to realistic terms on a COVID-19 relief bill is heartbreaking. While the House wants funding to aid communities hit hardest by the pandemic, Republicans are more interested in tax cuts-----The GOP gave a $150 billion tax giveaway to the wealthiest in America, but now claim ‘we cannot afford to provide expanded benefits for the unemployed’. The GOP needs to get serious & work with Democrats to come to an agreement that helps working families. We want to have an agreement. Yet Republicans refuse to ensure that such an agreement puts Families First.

Trump tweeted:

Pelosi is holding up STIMULUS, not the Republicans!

If we don’t win, the Radical Left will destroy our Country. Biden refuses to answer questions on packing the SCOTUS! Dems will pack the Court w/ radical left justices who will shred the 2A, empower violent mobs, and protect terrorists & violent criminals!

Joe Biden and the Democrat Socialists will kill your jobs, dismantle your police departments, dissolve your borders, release criminal aliens, raise your taxes, confiscate your guns, end fracking, destroy your suburbs, and drive God from the public square.

If Big Tech persists, in coordination with the mainstream media, we must immediately strip them of their Section 230 protections. When the government granted these protections, they created a monster!

If Biden wins—China will OWN the United States...

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Pelosi may approve CARES Act 2.0 for $2T

On late Thursday, Pelosi released his official statement on CARES Act 2.0 logjam:

Dear Colleague on Urgency to Pass Relief Bill with Values and Common Sense

On May 15, five months ago today, the House passed the Heroes Act, with $3.4 trillion to meet the needs of the American people from the coronavirus pandemic and deep economic recession. Mitch McConnell responded that the states should just go bankrupt and we needed to take a pause. The virus did not take a pause.  Today, over 217,000 Americans have tragically died and nearly 8 million have been infected.

During the five months of the Republicans’ deadly delay, over 130,000 Americans have died and another 6.5 million have been infected.

Now, we are engaged in further negotiations on the Heroes Act.  Democrats have reduced our number by $1.2 trillion and further by absorbing nearly $400 billion of new obligations into our number.

President vacillates from saying stop negotiating to say “go big or go home.”  Democrats will stay at the table for as long as takes to reach an agreement to honor our heroes, crush the virus and put money in the pockets of the American people.

House Democrats know firsthand how necessary it is to agree.  To our constituents, we promise: HELP IS ON THE WAY.  It will be safer, bigger and better, and it will be retroactive.

We must agree as soon as possible, but not before we are truly helping the people without accommodating the Republicans’ surrender to the virus.

Crushing the virus has been central to our legislation. The Administration had refused to accept Chairman Pallone’s strategic plan and erased all of our provisions to address the disparities facing communities of color. Today, Secretary Mnuchin said in our negotiations that they would accept our provision on testing with “minor” changes to the language.  We are eagerly awaiting their proposed language.

However, even if this key priority is resolved, many other disagreements remain. These include but are not limited to funding for state and local government, tax benefits for working families, support for vulnerable small businesses, and child care funding.  In addition to these deficiencies, the Trump proposal contains multiple deadly poison pills – including their radical Liability Provision which forces workers to risk their lives in unsafe workplaces with no legal recourse.

Our disagreements are about more than dollars and cents.  They are about values and common sense and respect for lives, livelihoods, and life of our American Democracy.

Hopefully, the President’s statement to his team to “go big or go home” and to “absolutely” accept a larger relief package will translate into results.

Updates will continue to be ongoing.

Pelosi’s Secretary tweeted late Thursday:

The Speaker and Secretary Mnuchin spoke at 3:30 p.m. today for 1 hr, 22 mins. The Secretary stated he would accept Democrats’ language for a national strategic testing plan with “minor” edits & that language would be shared tomorrow. The Speaker looks forward to reviewing.

The Speaker reminded the Secretary that the President has recently and repeatedly urged an agreement, and indicated his willingness to “go big or go home.”

The Speaker also raised Leader McConnell’s comments today about not being willing to put a comprehensive package on the Senate floor. The Secretary indicated that the President would weigh in with Leader McConnell should an agreement be reached.

Staff will be exchanging language on several areas which the Speaker and the committees of jurisdiction will review.

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