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Trading Platform

Trading Platform

More and more people are investing online nowadays. They invest in shares, commodities, indices, currencies, cryptos and ETFs in the form of CFDs and they open and close deals on the go, from their PC or smartphone. This is a new age of trading, and as such it deserves new platforms to enable investors to easily access their trading account, as well as to monitor and manage their deals. In this article we will discuss some of the different trading platforms available to traders and show you their different abilities and limitations.

What is a trading platform?

What is a trading platform?

Simply put, a trading platform is a software that enables online investors to open, manage and close different market positions. Trading platforms include different features and trading tools and some also incorporate specific market analysis tools. Thanks to online trading platforms, people can now access global markets directly, anytime and anywhere, and take advantage from market volatility through CFD trading.

What types of trading platforms does iFOREX offer?

What types of trading platforms does iFOREX offer?

At iFOREX, we don’t just use existing trading platforms. We produce our own proprietary, fully-customizable platforms designed specifically for modern traders. We have several trading platforms which can be used side-by-side. Here’s a quick overview of each.

  • Mobile (and apps!)
    This unique platform was created for dynamic, modern investors and makes it possible for people to access their account anywhere, at any time - a huge advantage considering that global markets operate around the clock.
    For the ultimate mobile experience, traders can download our Android or iOS apps for free, directly from the App Store or Google Play. The iFOREX app has already been downloaded over 150,000 times.

  • Web
    This user-friendly web platform provides maximum freedom. It allows traders to access their account from a variety of different devices and to open or close deals instantly and easily.

Too much information?
Here’s a short comparison of the key elements of each platform:

  • Mobile
  • Trade on the go anytime, anywhere
  • Easy monitoring of trading account
  • One-click execution
  • Web
  • Accessible from any PC
  • Operates on a standard browser
  • No need to download

How to open a deal

Opening a deal through the iFOREX trading platforms is very quick. In fact, you can do so in 3 steps.

01 Choose an instrument (the instrument you want to trade)
02 Choose direction (do you believe the price will move up or down)
03 Choose deal size (how much you want to invest)

If you’ve never traded before, this might seem a bit complex, but here’s a short video that will show you it’s not a big deal:

The iFOREX trading tools

The iFOREX trading tools

iFOREX clients can access a variety of trading tools that are designed to assist them in trading and making decisions. Our most popular trading tools include:

  • Trading charts: Can be used to follow past performance, for analysis and to make informed decisions.
  • Market signals: Provided by an independent source, featuring market trends.
  • Daily news and analysis: Focusing on major market events and discussing their possible impact and implications.
  • Economic calendar: Lists major economic events and is updated daily for your convenience.
  • Stop loss / take profit: Market orders that enable you to “lock” profits or limit losses.

iFOREX also offers many educational resources, created to assist traders to expand their knowledge of the market, trading strategies and opportunities. These resources include video tutorials, PDF guides and 1-on-1 training with a trading coach.

Types of tradable instruments

iFOREX offers a huge variety of CFD products for you to invest in. They include shares such as Google or Apple, commodities such as gold or oil, currency pairs such as the EUR/USD or the USD/JPY and indices such as the US Tech 100 and Germany 40. Some traders prefer to specialize in very specific instruments while others opt for portfolio diversification, which helps to reduce risks.

Take a look at this short video, featuring our selection of tradable instruments.

You can also see our full list of tradable instruments and their details on our trading conditions page.

The key elements of the iFOREX trading platforms
  • Allow for easy access to global markets
  • Enable you to access your account anytime, anywhere
  • Include advanced trading tools
  • Offer useful information
  • Can be easily customized by traders
  • Feature a wide variety of CFD instruments
  • Designed for the needs of modern traders
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