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Trading Conditions

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Trading Conditions

Non-leveraged products

iFOREX clients enjoy access to invest in the price of non-leveraged products, all drawn from a diverse set of world leading brand names. From the automotive industry to major sport brands, world-leading tech companies to banks, iFOREX provides you with unlimited trading opportunities. Should you wish to find out further information regarding details of the non-leveraged products we have on offer, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist and provide you with any information you may require, including items such as: deal size, relevant margin and exposure. For further queries relating to our trading conditions, financial instruments, offers or services, please feel free to contact us.

No Leverage
Minimum Spread (pips) [1]
Minimum Spread (value) [1]
Normal Margin [2]
Increased Margin [3]
Minimum Deal Size [4]
Max Exposure [5]
No Leverage
No Leverage Market Minimum Spread (pips) [1] Minimum Spread (value) [1] Normal Margin [2] Increased Margin [3] Minimum Deal Size [4] Max Exposure [5]


iFOREX aims to provide its customers with tight, competitive, dynamic spreads that adjust in accordance to market volatility and at the company's own discretion. The ‘Minimum Spread’ detailed in the above tables refers to a standard account.

Margin requirements are subject to change without notice based on price fluctuations.

Increased Margin is typically double the normal required margin and is available during and around trading breaks. The reason behind this policy is to moderate the risks caused by potential price gaps that can occur during these times and can cause serious harm to invested funds. During weekends, the required margin of all non-tradable instruments is - in fact - the Increased Margin. Standard algorithm : The increased Margin stated above come into effect approximately 15-90 minutes prior to trading breaks. These trading breaks may include daily, weekends and holidays breaks or any other breaks whether in the initiative of the company or due to other circumstances. The increased Margin is usually valid up until 15 minutes following the re-opening of the market. For Fridays’ closure, increased Margin come into effect on most instruments 2 hours before the trading close.

The minimum deal sizes and contracts refer to Standard Accounts.

Although at any time clients can open and trade several instruments, each instrument has a maximum net exposure limit that cannot be exceeded. The Max Exposure is expressed in its base asset's unit.